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[texts]Sentencia Favorable A Pablo Soto
Favorable ruling for Pablo Sato, more at
Keywords: p2p; copyright
Downloads: 20
[audio]p2p file sharing pros cons - Assignment3
From Monday, did some editing, give info on thursday
Keywords: p2p
Downloads: 127
[audio]RIAA Law Suits Call (Jul 17) -
Peter Brown of the FSF speaks with Ray Beckerman, lawyer for defendants in RIAA lawsuits about the impact of the RIAA's legal strategy on the internet, copyright, DRM and our digital freedoms. This call was recorded on July 17, 2006.
Keywords: RIAA, DRM, p2p
Downloads: 280
[audio]RIAA Law Suits Call (Jul 19) -
Peter Brown of the FSF speaks with Ray Beckerman, lawyer for defendants in RIAA lawsuits about the impact of the RIAA's legal strategy on the internet, copyright, DRM and our digital freedoms. This call was recorded on July 19, 2006. Make a donation to support these lawsuits at
Keywords: RIAA, DRM, p2p
Downloads: 3,116
[audio]The P2P Revolution Episode 10 - Rick Hendrickson
Here is episode 10 of the p2p revolution hosted by Rick Hendrickson produced in conjunction with
Keywords: p2p; filesharing; technology
Downloads: 56
[movies]Blockster avoidance technique - FTC
Blockster is software to stop P2P usage on Windows based PC. Video shows this avoided by a simple technique.
Keywords: Hack; P2P; Filter
Downloads: 356
[audio]The P2P Revolution #13 - Rick Hendrickson
Another installment of my talk show
Keywords: p2p; sharing; boobs
Downloads: 80
Keywords: p2p-e-brochure
Downloads: 514
[audio]P2P teknologiak eta lizentzia askeak - Blogalizazioa
Megauploaden itxiera pribatutasunaren aurkako eraso bezala azaldu digu Dabid Martinezek. Horren aurrean P2P teknologiak baina, batez ere, lizentzia askeak proposatu dizkugu.
Keywords: megaupload; sopa; copyleft; pipa; p2p
Downloads: 10
[audio]Salty Talk. 2014 04 23.160039 - SaltyTalk
SaltyTalk April 23rd, 2014P2P - The Pollination ProjectMiss Lorie in Studio.We talk at length about gardening and the P2P Project.
Keywords: SaltyTalk; SaltyTalk Radio; P2P
Downloads: 19
[audio]Dr. Bunsen -fsk-24.1.2008-19-20h - Dr. Bunsen,
Radio broadcast of FSK (24.1.08, Hamburg, Germany): Dr. Bunsen Computer Radio Show about P2P and filesharing.
Keywords: P2P; Filesharing; Dr. Bunsen
Downloads: 54
[audio]Taosa 1.4 - Taosa
Taosa 1.4
Keywords: hacktibismoa; taosa; megaupload; P2P
Downloads: 59
[audio]CSR-OpenSourceDrugs-20071208 - Dr. J.
Joseph Jackson is a philosopher and social entrepreneur who promotes open source and peer-to-peer approaches to biotechnology. He now leads the Network for Open Scientific Innovation, a nonprofit organization and distributed think tank with partners in Brazil and Australia.
Keywords: open source; P2P; pharmaceuticals
Downloads: 235
[audio]Reunión EBR - Agenda del día 22-09-2013
Reunión EBR - Agenda del día 22-09-2013Se habló.Temas del día:Centro de Aprendizaje Musical EBR - IbaguéRed P2P de compartición archivos - (implementación en Retroshare)Difusión de otros idiomas - PortuguésTutorial de Open Atrium.Agricultura Urbana - Jardín Botánico (organización posible gratiferia con agricultores urbanos bogotá)Arquitectura Tejados con botellas PET - (PETambú - Bambú con botellas Pet)Sistemas de Acuaponia.Gestión de aguas lluvias en la casa.SunCar y baldosa G.E...
Keywords: Impresora; P2P; Piezoelectrico; agricultura
Downloads: 7
[movies]The Rick Show #1 - Rick Hendrickson
My first ever show featuring me and some adventures.
Keywords: rick; reality; tv; p2p
Downloads: 148
[unknown] underground forums 20131102 -
This is a panic download of underground forums as of 2013-11-02.
Keywords:; archiveteam
Downloads: 12
[texts]Compromising Tor Anonymity - Exploiting P2P Information Leakage - Pere Manils, Abdelberi Chaabane, Stevens Le Blond, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Claude Castelluccia, Arnaud Legout, Walid Dabbous
Privacy of users in P2P networks goes far beyond their current usage and is a fundamental requirement to the adoption of P2P protocols for legal usage. In a climate of cold war between these users and anti-piracy groups, more and more users are moving to anonymizing networks in an attempt to hide their identity. However, when not designed to protect users information, a P2P protocol would leak information that may compromise the identity of its users...
Keywords: paper; anonymity; tor; p2p
Downloads: 74
[movies]¡Copiad, malditos! - elegantmob Films y TV
KORAMA ha colaborado con el Proyecto "Copiad Malditos" en la elaboración de 3 DVDs con todo el material audiovisual del Documental "Copiad Malditos", coproducido por elegantmob Films y TV, en el que se muestra la problemática de los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual.
Keywords: propiedad intelectual, compartir, p2p
Downloads: 553
[texts]One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch: Exploiting P2P Applications to Trace and Profile Tor Users - Pere Manils, Abdelberi Chaabane, Stevens Le Blond, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Claude Castelluccia, Arnaud Legout, Walid Dabbous
Tor is a popular low-latency anonymity network. However, Tor does not protect against the exploitation of an insecure application to reveal the IP address of, or trace, a TCP stream. In addition, because of the linkability of Tor streams sent together over a single circuit, tracing one stream sent over a circuit traces them all. Surprisingly, it is unknown whether this linkability allows in practice to trace a significant number of streams originating from secure (i.e., proxied) applications.In...
Keywords: tor; p2p; anonymity; paper
Downloads: 60
[movies]Perpetual Data - Paul Grignon
Interesting new network which gives all the people of the world, freedom, security and privacy. It's a huge opportunity for creativity and innovation. Inspired by all the people who changed the world for the better and all those who have yet to!
Keywords: Networking; PKI; DHT; p2p; encryption
Downloads: 26
[texts]P 2p+all Serv - block torrent p2p mikrotik
block torrent p2p mikrotik
Keywords: block torrent p2p mikrotik
Downloads: 2,593
[movies]I Wouldn't Steal - Carl Schlyter
Whenever you rent a movie, the multinational media industry forces you to watch their propaganda. They claim that [downloading movies is the same as snatching bags, stealing cars or shoplifting]. Thats simply not true making a copy is fundamentally different from stealing. The media industry has failed to offer viable legal alternatives and they will fail to convince consumers that sharing equals stealing...
Keywords: copyright; p2p; filesharing; greens
Downloads: 1,943
[texts]Bitmessage: A Peer‐to‐Peer Message Authentication and Delivery System - Jonathan Warren
This is the whitepaper from We propose a system that allows users to securely sendand receive messages, and subscribe to broadcast messages, using atrustless decentralized peer‐to‐peer protocol. Users need notexchange any data beyond a relatively short (around 36 character)address to ensure security and they need not have any concept ofpublic or private keys to use the system...
Keywords: bitmessage; anonymity; p2p; paper
Downloads: 103
[unknown]Wiki - u-p2p
u-p2p dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; u-p2p; sourceforgenet_apps_mediawiki_u_p2p; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 15
[audio]Tertulia sobre la restricciones al P2P - Canal Hacktivism
Tertulia en el canal de IRC sobre las medidas legislativas relativas a la criminalizacion del libre trafico en internet.
Keywords: tertulia p2p hacktivismo hacktivism patiomaravillas hacker
Downloads: 7
[audio]BitTorrent creator - Phil Leigh
A 30-minute audio interview with Bram Cohen, the Seattle programmer who created the seminal p2p file-sharing software BitTorrent. Webcast on Phil Leigh's "Inside Digital Media."
Keywords: bittorrent; bram cohen; phil leigh; file sharing; p2p
Downloads: 311
[texts]Semi-automatic Discovery of Mappings Between Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Dimensions
Data Warehousing is the main Business Intelligence instrument for the analysis of large amounts of data. It permits the extraction of relevant information for decision making processes inside organizations. Given the great diffusion of Data Warehouses, there is an increasing need to integrate information coming from independent Data Warehouses or from independently developed data marts in the same Data Warehouse...
Keywords: Data Warehouse; P2P OLAP; dimension integration
Downloads: 51
[movies]Recon 2005 - Todd Macdermid - Encrypted P2P and VoIP Spaces with CUTLASS
Users on the internet are doing more and more of their daily work over peer-to-peer applications. Existing protocols such as SMTP and IRC are being replaced by peer-to-peer file transfer, voice chat, and text messaging systems. Unfortunately, the popular protocols are not secure, and the secure protocols are not popular. In this talk, we will talk about the security properties of the existing peer-to-peer systems, as well as describing an open-source system in development, CUTLASS...
Keywords: Encrypted,P2P,voip,CUTLASS,Recon,Conference,Security
Downloads: 336
[movies]Interview with Michel Bauwens at the University of Oslo - Prodromos Tsiavos
Interview with Michel Bauwens at the University of Oslo spring 2008. Topics include P2P, CPBB and free and open source software. Interviewer was Prodromos Tsiavos.
Keywords: P2P, free and open source software, CBPP
Downloads: 173
[texts]ACTA - Leaked digital Chapter 22.2.2010
Leaked ACTA draft reveals plans for internet clampdown ISPs must snoop on subscribers or face being sued by content owners
Keywords: ACTA; copyright; civil rights; freedom; totalitarism; surveillance; p2p
Downloads: 159
[texts]Tertulia sobre el control de Internet - Hacktivism
comentarios en el canal de IRC #hacktivism
Keywords: tertulia p2p hacktivismo hacktivism patiomaravillas hacker
Downloads: 123
[image]LEGO Mindstorms 3D Printing-Milling Machine Archive archive
Keywords: lego; 3d printer; p2p; peer production
Downloads: 105
[audio]BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen - Phil Leigh - Inside Digital Media
A 30-minute audio interview with Bram Cohen, the Seattle programmer who created the seminal p2p file-sharing software BitTorrent. Webcast on Phil Leigh's "Inside Digital Media," Dec, 17, 2004.
Keywords: bittorrent; bram cohen; phil leigh; file sharing; p2p
Downloads: 120
[audio]Michel Bauwens 25042014 - Parque Biblioteca Tomás Carrasquilla - La Quintana
Explicación de Michel Bauwens sobre las prácticas P2P  y las potencialidades de las redes distribuidas en diversos proyectos económicos, políticos y culturales.Grabado en reunión en el Planetario de Medellín.Invitado por el Parque Explora.
Keywords: P2P; redes distribuidas; commons; Medellín; colectivos
Downloads: 32
[movies]what is peer to peer? - p2p foundation
*** 04.05.07: this is now the final 1.0 version *** michel bauwens from the p2p foundation about "what is peer to peer?", 4' 06'' music: "my piano sings" (part 2) by john holowach from the hosted album "piano works", cc license: by-nc-sa 2.5 interview/camera: james burke editing: valentin spirik
Keywords: p2p; peer to peer; interview; michel bauwens
Downloads: 1,353
[audio]Bram Cohen, BitTorrent creator - Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media
A 30-minute audio interview with Bram Cohen, the Seattle programmer who created the seminal p2p file-sharing software BitTorrent. Webcast on Phil Leigh's "Inside Digital Media," Dec, 17, 2004.
Keywords: bittorrent; bram cohen; phil leigh; file sharing; p2p
Downloads: 242
[audio]Node Up 69 - NodeUp
A Peer-to-peer Show.
Keywords: node; p2p; peer-to-peer; torrent; javascript
Downloads: 8,043
[texts]HUGE Anti-P2P ProtoWall IP Address Range Blocklist
HUGE Anti-P2P ProtoWall IP Address Range Blocklist
Keywords: HUGE Anti-P2P ProtoWall IP Address Range Blocklist
Downloads: 137
[texts]Secure Trust Management Model for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing System
File sharing refers to the providing and receiving offile over the network, a central server that operates acentralized data repository search engine within a peer-topeernetwork performs authentication and authorizationoperations with respect to users that access its services. Trustmechanism and access control technology are used in the p2pfile sharing system to be more secure with respect to theexisting one.
Keywords: P2P; File sharing; Trust; Reputation; Access Control
Downloads: 13
[unknown]Wiki - P2P wiki - Ohjeet mm. DC++:lle ja UTorrentille
P2P wiki - Ohjeet mm. DC++:lle ja UTorrentille dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; P2P wiki - Ohjeet mm. DC++:lle ja UTorrentille; p2p_wikiorg
[software]BitDefender P2P Protection -
Notice to all users: There are five separate downloads for this listing. The default download is for ICQ. The other four (mIRC, MSN Messenger, MS Net Meeting, and Yahoo! Messenger) are availale for download below this description. Download the correct BitDefender P2P Protection installation to work with the chat messenger you use. BitDefender P2P Protection is a small anti-virus scanner that monitors, filters, intercepts and scans incoming file transfers over the more popular Internet chat messa...
Keywords: BitDefender P2P Protection; System and utilities; Security; Anti-virus scanners; bitdefender; bit; defender; p2p; protection
Downloads: 85
[movies]SquatConf 2014: Transmission - Anton Whalley
Would love to give an introduction to UDT. A protocol I have been spending a some time on.It is baked into some well known open source P2P frameworks and has other utility.Expect:Sidebars on protocol implementation/general development nightmaresWar stories on other P2P/data transfer problems I have worked on IRLLive DemoDo Not ExpectPacket Frame DiagramsMathamatical ProofsThe slides for this talk are included, and can originally be found at
Keywords: squatconf; 2014; talk; udt; p2p; protocol; such layer4; much fast; very p2p
Downloads: 24
[unknown]Brutal Murder - Intracranial Total Insanity - brutal murder
L'idea di fare musica insieme nasce nel 1999 da Matteo Cuva (chitarra) e Matteo Morlacchi (voce). Da quel momento, nella città di Bergamo una nuova band, con una nuova avventura ha inizio. Dopo circa un anno al duo si aggiungono Andrea "Huber" Pizzaballa al basso e Alex "ciochetù" Paganin alla batteria, quest'ultimo già batterista del gruppo trasch "Critical Damage". Qui comincia una vera e propria stesura di songs e viene dato un primo nome al gruppo: "Silver Day"...
Keywords: p2pforum;; cultura libera p2p; brutal murder; intracranial total insanity; p2p; rock; metal
Downloads: 14
[image]DRM is Killing Music!
Keywords: drm; digital rights management; riaa; p2p; home taping is killing music
Downloads: 4
[audio]Domenico Di Siena | Entrevista para Revista Conversas
Sobre el futuro de la ciudades
Keywords: smart city; sentient city; p2p urbanism; innovación urbana; domenico di siena; entrevista
Downloads: 12
[audio]No BS Podcast #28—The "Go Sit by the Printer!" Edition - Maximum PC
Tom, Katherine, Dave, Butters the Intern, and Jeremy talk about the latest tech news and respond to loads of reader mail! This week, we're taking a look at What's new in monitor technology The Google Phone Universities win this round in the P2P battle Is your printer trying to kill you All that, plus a report from the Lab, Ask the Doctor, Butters the Intern's response to Gordon's rant, and reader mail! Do you have a tech question? A comment? A topic you'd like us to cover? Call our new No BS Pod...
Keywords: doctor; Google; health; monitors; news; P2P; phone; Podcast; printers; News; No BS Podcast
Downloads: 13
[movies]exitFrame - Complete Series
ExitFrame made its debut in late 2004. Little did anyone know, there would only be one episode. The episode covered mostly basic things, and had basic production value. There was supposed to be a second episode, but nothing was ever released. There was also a slight reprise, and the show was to take on a new direction as a video zine, but that soon fell through as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Episode 1 * We’re going...
Keywords: busy box; hacking; iptv; mp3; p2p; phreaking; potato cannon; wardriving
Downloads: 39
[movies]How To Make Torrents -
This video shows you the basics of creating and sharing torrents.
Keywords: torrent; bittorrent; utorrent; pirate; hack; download; share; p2p; warez; tips; tricks; tutorial; tinkernut
Downloads: 275
[audio]ACIM RNBM 2013 Crowdfunding Michel De Souza Telechargement Negre Arrogance CC By Nc Sa 2.0 - ACIM
Extrait d'un débat sur le crowdfunding organisé à Bordeaux lors des rencontres nationales de l'ACIM 2013. Participants : Virginie Berger fondatrice de DBTH, Kronem, artiste,Michel de Souza, ancien directeur marketing et commercial chez Universal, Vincent Ricordeau, fondateur de KissKissBankBank. Source :
Keywords: p2p pascal negre michel de souza acim Virginieie berger bordeaux
Downloads: 2,699
Today different types of malware exist in the Internet. Among them one of themalware is known as botnet which is frequently used for many cyber attacks and crimes inthe Internet. Currently botnets are the main rootcause for several illegal activities likespamming, DDoS, click fraud etc. Botnets operate under the command and control(C&C)infrastructure which makes its functioning unique. As long as the Internet exists botnet alsowill exist...
Keywords: Bots; P2P botnet; In-out degree; Clustering; flow records; Stability
Downloads: 12
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